Video Editor

2020 | 09 | 25


- Salary: 12,000,000-16,000,000

- Periodic salary increase, 13th month salary bonus, Tet bonus.

- Insurance, full annual license as prescribed.

- Laptop allocation.

- Working time: from Monday to Friday (8:30 - 17:30)

- Used gyms, yoga, libraries

- Enjoy the dishes cooked by the chefs

- View Landmard 81

Job discription:

- Video scheduling, recording and editing.

- Make a plan to make a promotional video.

- plan to shoot and edit video according to customer requirements.

Work environment:

- Working independently, creatively freely according to their own abilities.

- The company equips cameras, camcorders and related tools.

- Link fanpage:

- People with long-term knowledge related to video recording and making, can make videos that attract viewers and make viewers want to interact with the video.

- Can shoot with a professional camera.

- Can edit and edit videos by themselves. (Can be proficient in video editing software)

- Who can direct the camera man

- People can do storyboad

- People are interested in new and creative jobs.


- Person with interest or experience in making food videos.

- Experience in making TV programs or promotional videos.

- People with deep understanding of rotating equipment such as sound and light.

- Someone who has experience in video making has models.

- People with the ability to use Photoshop.

Please kindly send your Resume to Ms. Trinh email:

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