Join our team Wanna to grow together, freely express your abilities and create the best products.


Salary (bonus, 13-month salary, salary review once a year). Annual company trip, social insurance, health insurance, holidays in accordance to government regulations.

Personal development

We offer a dynamic and friendly work environment for you to demonstrate your abilities, expand your professional expertise, and excel in your career.

Workplace benefits

GYM, swimming pool, tennis course, ping-pong table. In addition the company also has other utilities such as: refrigerator, microwave, oven ...

Company Culture

In addition to providing a diverse and dynamic working environment, Wanna also offers attractive benefits to employees by setting up a HR evaluation system to ensure their professional development.

Wanna’s employees work only 5 days a week and have 2 days off each week because we encourage a balance between work and life to help employees not only fulfill their responsibilities in the company but also time for family and their own life.


Recruit Sales Assistant

Wanna is currently looking to recruit Sales Assistant positions with many benefits and incentives for those who have passion and experience in the field of Assistant, communicator Japanese.

Recruit Chef Full-time/ Part-time

For the purpose of developing a cookery app, Wanna is currently looking to recruit a full time / part time chef with a wealth of incentives and incentives for humorous enthusiasts. real, creative, ...

Recruit Freelancer Calories

For the purpose of developing the TasteShare Website project, Wanna is now looking to recruit Freelancer Calories with many benefits and attractive incentives for creative and passionate people in the field of culinary and writing.